Pool Closing Service

We're The Pool Closing Experts

We close pools in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Surrounding Areas.

Our team of pool tech’s are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in all aspects of pool service, maintenance and repair.

No matter what you need to get your pool ready for the winter, our team at Pool Solutions can get it done.

Click Here To Book Your Pool Closing. Let Us Know Which Week You Prefer.  We’ll Take It From There. We’ll Contact You to Confirm Your Closing Date and Get Any Other Information Required as Well as Payment Details.

Pool Closing Checklist

What’s Included:

Drain water to proper level

Blow-out underground lines

Put compression containers in skimmer

Install winterizing plugs

Chemical closing kit installed

Anti-freeze on request

Install pool cover & water bags

Winterize (drain) pump, filter, heater, chlorinator of all water

Store all pool accessories with pool equipment

In-Ground Pools $339

Above Ground Pools $279

Do You Need Chemicals?

We Can Bring Them Along When We Open Your Pool. Let Us Know In The Message Section.

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Bring On Summer!

  • We Open Pools in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph  and Surrounding Areas.  Our Pool Tech’s are ready to open your pool no matter why size or style it is.  

Opening and Water Balanced

  • We know exactly what to do to get your pool crystal clear and safe to swim in.  Let’s get your water ready for family and friends to make a splash. 

Experience and Expertise

  • We’ll be able to spot anything that doesn’t look right or sound right.
  • We’ll be checking to make sure all is good and everything is operating as it should and is functioning properly.

Happy Customers

I have been happily dealing with Pool Solutions for over 10 years! Their service has been great, good attention to detail and they know their stuff. Hank always give me good advice. Two years ago I had to replace my liner. The job was done on time and with care and consideration of our surroundings. I have never been disappointed!

Pool Solutions was very helpful in our first year of owning our pool. They were knowledgeable and professional in helping us learn about the pool chemistry, which products to use and how best to troubleshoot problems as they came up!

From the friendly, efficient reception, to the knowledgeable, thorough and personalized helpful research and advice we got from Hank, we look forward to continuing to work with Pool Solutions and their team.

At Pool Solutions, we believe that it is important to close your pool and check your pool equipment for possible signs of problems.  We guarantee that your pool and equipment will be checked for signs of wear and tear, weathering and is operational.  We’ll also let you know of any potential issues or problems that we find and recommend any preventative measures to take.