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Pool Leak Detection and Repairs

We are experienced leak detectors!  Our specialized equipment and years of troubleshooting experience makes us the best in the area.  A Pool Solutions specialist will precisely pinpoint where your leak is coming from.  We have various methods that we utilize to make it as quick and precise as possible.  Pool Solutions will make your pool leak problem disappear…hassle free.

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Hidden stuctural leaks

Equipment leaks

Concealed deck and ground leaks

Swimming pool leaks

Here’s How It Works. Easy.

Reach Out To Us

Click, call or stop in and let us know you think you might have a leak somewhere in or around your pool.  We’ll give you some simple things to do so that you can confirm that you have a leak.

We Come and Diagnose

Once determined that you have a leak we’ll arrange for our pool leak tech to diagnose and troubleshoot your pool area.  We will inform you of the options available to pinpoint the exact cause of the leak.

We Provide Your Tailored Quote

We will provide a quote for the repair necessary and infom you of the timeline and procedures.

We Fix Your Leak

We’ll fix your pool leak and it will be in the past. Yes, a pool leak is a bit of a pain but with Pool Solutions at your service, you can expect to be swimming with full confidence in no time.

Don’t Let A Pool Leak Spoil Your Summer Fun

Maintaining a residential pool means watching for pool leaks.  If and when you notice a pool leak it can be very frustrating and maybe even overwhelming. The thoughts of spending your entire weekend looking for and trying to repair a pool leak can be discouraging.  And when a leak occurs, it can lead to extensive water damage and increases in water utility bills. This is why it is vital to act quickly if you suspect a leak in your pool.  

Save Time and Money 

One of the advantages of working with Pool Solutions is our affordable pricing for pool leaks. We don’t charge for unnecessary procedures that may or may not find the problem. Although there is a fair amount of troubleshooting that we will have to undergo we have the years of expereience to know where to start and our knowledge always helps find the leak sooner and in less time.

Exclusive Technology

Pool Solutions has invested heavily in training and equipment so that our leak detection service is the best in the area. Whether your pool is concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner, finding and fixing your leak is now as easy as a click or call away.  Our testing will consist of various methods that will help diagnose the exact problem that is causing your pool to leak water.


Happy Customers

I have been happily dealing with Pool Solutions for over 10 years! Their service has been great, good attention to detail and they know their stuff. Hank always give me good advice. Two years ago I had to replace my liner. The job was done on time and with care and consideration of our surroundings. I have never been disappointed!

Pool Solutions was very helpful in our first year of owning our pool. They were knowledgeable and professional in helping us learn about the pool chemistry, which products to use and how best to troubleshoot problems as they came up!

From the friendly, efficient reception, to the knowledgeable, thorough and personalized helpful research and advice we got from Hank, we look forward to continuing to work with Pool Solutions and their team.

Pool Solutions Has Been Finding and Fixing Leaks For Over 20 Years!

We Guarantee To Find Your Pool Leak.  We have specialized equipment and training to do this type of work. We also have the experience and know-how. We are licensed and Insured Pool Leak Professionals and boast a 100% leak detection track record.  Our swimming pool leak detection technicians can find EVERY leak.

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