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We all know that proper pool maintenance can become challenging within our busy schedules. There are pumps, liners, filters, hoses, skimmers and covers and so knowing how to utilize each piece of pool equipment can get overwhelming and time consuming.   And then there is the general water balancing that is required to keep your pool water safe, clean and swimmable.

To keep your water safe for your family and friends the chlorine levels need to be carefully monitored and adjusted while your pump needs to be maintained so your water is moving and flowing through filters.  And then what happens if you discover you might have a pool leak somewhere.  If this is starting to sound overwhelming then it’s time to let our dedicated pool technicians at Pool Solutions take out all the work and stress related to pool maintenance in Waterloo with our expert services.

Comprehensive Services For Any Pool Size

No matter the size or type of your pool, you can trust our dedicated team to deliver exceptional pool maintenance services. Whether your pool is above ground, on ground or in-ground, our experienced technicians can skillfully clean it, repair it, and provide a full compass check  of all your pool’s running equipment.  We will also closely check your chlorine levels and rid the surface  of debris and scaling on any tiles and walls.  We can also perform backwash maintenance and recalibration of filter pressure service.

  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool/spa
  • Cleaning pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash your pool filter after vacuum
  • Remove scum line
  • Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater
  • Salt cell inspection and cleaning (if applicable *extra charge)
  • Chemicals are dropped off and invoiced if required
  • A maintenance log will be provided to you after each visit

The Importance of Maintaining Your Chemical Balance

No one really likes swimming in a green algae covered pool or a pool with too much chlorine in it. If your pool water is not balanced then your swimming guests will let you know.  To prevent your pool from developing these unpleasant symptoms, it is important for our pool technicians to ensure that your pool water is properly balanced. Not only does a well maintained Ph and chlorine blance stop algae grom growing, but the these are important conditions for fighting off dangerous bacteria that can affect the health of you and your loved ones. With our Pool Solutions Maintenance Packages you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool is being properly maintained, and our regular chemical tests and inspections will help keep you swimming safely all summer long.

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