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We feel that the most important piece of equipment in your swimming pool is the pump because it is the heart of the system. A good, functioning pool pump moves water through the drains, pipes, and other equipment in your pool. Without a pump doing what it is designed to do…you cannot filter, heat, or clean your water.

Single-speed pumps only run at one constant high speed, but a variable-speed pump is able to change the RPMs (revolutions per minute) of the motor in order to be more efficient.  This extra functionality improves the efficiency of your water management system.  The latest pool pumps from Hayward and Pentair run more smoothly and are generally more durable than others on the market.

For parts and maintenance, Hayward and Pentair Pool Pumps can’t be beaten. With any motorized product with moving parts, you can expect it to require servicing at some point in the future, and Hayward and Pentair offer ease of service and part replacement advantages. Both pump designs offer exceptional build quality, run super quiet, and require less serving down the line.  They are our choice for quality and durability and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

A Great Pool Starts With a Great Pump


Quiet Operation

Requires Little Servicing

Energy Efficient


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Pentair Superflo

Durable, Super Quiet Operation

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Maximum Performance, Durable 

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